Epic Lifestyle’s focus is to integrate the many aspects of health and embracing the concept that fitness, nutrition and holistic wellbeing go hand in hand. Epic Lifestyle is a place of education, empowerment, community and growth; a place where people can move and nourish their body, mind and soul.

Epic Lifestyle specialises in group fitness training, where you can have fun whilst you sweat with like-minded people. Through Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning Training) and Strength & Conditioning styles of training, each workout is designed to improve your fitness, strength, speed, endurance, muscle tone, and burn fat.

Epic Lifestyle also provides opportunities for Personal Training, Nutrition Plans, Body Composition Analysis, and so much more.

Why Choose Us

The brutally honest reason why you will train with us is because we care about your body and health. Too many (so called) health professionals allow their clients to perform incorrect technique, teach incorrect technique and do not know how to look after their clients needs for the future. Each session is not about seeing how hard we can push you to the brink of throwing up. Our main priority is to coach individuals in our classes.

  • Have you leave our class in better shape than you arrived
  • Learn how to train for effective results
  • Progress your training over time to ensure results keep coming
  • Focus on your ability and prescribe exercises suited to your level
  • Have fun with like minded people
  • Know that we are coaching you into the future, not the now!

Supplement Shop

Epic Lifestyle Supplements

Visit our Supplement shop at the front of our gym for all your supplement needs. In today’s world it is vital we get the nutrients the body requires to function properly. Unfortunately with our fruits and vegetables we do not get the nutrients we once did 40+ years ago from well soiled crops. Our beef is not grain fed and boosted with antibiotics to make them fatter before going to market.

Make sure you visit Carmen and have an informative chat about how we can supplement your lifestyle to ensure you get a day full of energy and vibrance.