Group Fitness Training

  •  3 Month Membership Contract
    • $35per week, unlimited classes
  • Casual Class Fees – $20per class
  • Saturday Mash Up Fun Day
    • $20 per class – members free
  • Kids Sessions – 1st child $12.50 All other siblings $7.50ea
    • Maximum 16 kids per class
    • Classes run in 4 week blocks
    • Ages 11-15yrs

Membership Prices

Epic Lifestyle offers a 3month membership option, as well as the option of attending a casual class for a $20 Drop In fee.


All new members to Epic Lifestyle have the option to complete a 60 minute Fundamentals course within the first 2 weeks of signing up. This will allow you to learn or improve on the fundamental movements commonly seen in our workouts, and understand the terminology you will hear during each session. This also allows us to get to know your own unique body and how we can individualize your training in our group classes. Normally $90

Price: $60 if purchased within first 2 weeks of signing up.

Grass Roots Nutrition

Price: $50

Epic Lifestyle offers a tailored Macro program made specifically to suit you and your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle or both, understanding your Macros is a means to educating yourself on the foods you are consuming to get you one step closer to achieving your goals.

The process is simple and only involves 3 steps:

  • Email to schedule an appointment to complete a Body Composition Scan.
  • Epic Lifestyle will send you a Grass Roots Form that must be completed and sent back to Epic Lifestyle before your appointment.
  • Begin your Grass Roots journey!
    From here, qualified FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner) Shaun Baxter will be in contact if there is any additional information needed. If not, you will just be emailed your final results along with some additional advice. If you wish to revise in the future and advance your Nutrition knowledge, this is always an option.

Body Composition Analysis

The Body Composition Analysis provides a detailed report outlining an individual’s:

  • skeletal muscle mass
  • body fat (kg & %)
  • visceral fat (dangerous fat around the organs)
  • body water/hydration
  • Wellness Marker

Price: $30 per scan | Email to book your appointment.

The Epic Journey

Epic Lifestyle is focused on your future. We are preparing and progressing your body to stay active well into your 70’s and beyond. Too many Fitness fads focus on the now! We focus on the future!

Strength & Conditioning

We know the road to optimal health requires you to perform resistance training using barbells. But we also know from experience, not everyone is ready to use barbells in their journey to optimal health.

Our ultimate goal is for everyone to use barbells. Come and try a session to see how you go. If you’re a little bit behind we can always schedule a 1-on-1 PT session to get you up to speed with the movements we perform in the class.


  • Learn correct technique on all Barbell movements.
  • We aim for progression, not perfection
  • There is 3 phases to Strength Training. Of which each one needs to be performed safely before you move to the next category.
  • Joint Mobilization using bands to prepare the body for the session
  • Soft Tissue post workout to restore the body back to optimal position
  • And so much MORE!